About Us

Roof Masters Remodeling is your one-stop shop for all your storm damage restoration needs. Our seasoned professionals use time-tested processes to restore your home after a storm, eliminating the hassles and headaches of working with multiple companies. Whether you need a roof replaced, or need exterior/interior damage repaired, you can trust Roof Masters Remodeling to complete your projects.

We have learned over the years what our clients want. While each client and their project has its own unique attributes, the overall desire of each seem to be same… Excellence. So that's what we provide! From the initial visit to final inspection and all the details in between. We have worked diligently to ensure that our team and implemented systems are living up to that standard!


Our advantages

Why choose us

At RMR, we constantly take advantage of the vast amount of available roofing industry training, and we  provide our clients with the best client experience, and the highest quality and most efficient roofing systems.

No down payments
Local and family owned
Licensed bonded & insured
Free estimated and inspections